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Avoid My Nose

"If you can, just try and avoid my nose."

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A community for the appreciation of the stunning young ingénue.
avoid my nose
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Welcome to avoidmynose, a Rachel Berry, Lea Michele and Lea/Lea appreciation community.

Dear fans, well-wishers and ardent admirers,

I am pleased to announce the opening of a new Livejournal community all about myself. Due to the inevitable high demand for such a community, your wishes have been granted. Fans, you are invited to discuss your love for me and my undeniable talent on this community and bond over your impeccable taste in celebrity.

While most of you will recognize me from my incomparable myspace videos or as the female lead of William McKinley High School’s regionally ranked show choir New Directions, I am also excited to welcome those supporters who have been with since the beginning when I was but a child competing in statewide talent competitions. Your dedication to my career is truly inspiring.

In lieu of flowers and gifts, please send all donations to a socially conscious charity of your choice.

Your favorite star in the making,

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